#sotrendy does Wekfest 2013

The day we all look forward to has come and gone…There are plenty of lively events that takes place along the East Coast but Wekfest, a name that is no stranger to the Import culture in the states, has to be one of the most anticipated each year. For the past two years I was lucky enough to not only attend the show but meet and actually get to know some of the nicest and coolest people.

The day went pretty smoothly for most of us, until the very last seconds when it was time to hit the road. Like most things that we plan out, some unknown forces in the ether is always align to mess up your day. After hitting traffic on the 95, I finally arrived at the rendezvous point almost 2 hours later than planned…along with everybody else thankfully. I usually never drive to out of state events (or in state events for that matter ahah), so like previous events I took the title as co-pilot with a good friend of mine, Martin who happens to own the one of the baddest 2GS! We wasted no time and hit the road right away as we were already behind schedule. Now for most of you guys and gals, you know that the “drive to” any event is probably the best part. To say the least our commute was not going to be smooth from the get go. Half way into our trip our excitement abruptly turned into $60 fine from our good friend, the NJ police dep. I really thought it was going to be a slight warning, but apparently one of the drivers on the road had enough with the convoy for whatever reason and told the dispatcher that we were holding up and delaying traffic. Luckily for Martin and I, we broke away from the convoy and was held up by traffic minutes before everyone was stopped. Despite our luck, Martin wanted to be a good friend and stopped on the shoulder roughly 300ft ahead of where the cop was, in which I had to remind him was not a good idea knowing the ride height and how his car looked. So with very little excitement left, we kept pushing forward and headed straight to our destination.

By the time we arrived, the sun was barely visible in the horizon and our energy was just enough to keep us awake. As we pulled into the hotel parking lot the excitement and joy we had when we left Virginia was sparked once again with some familiar cars and a more familiar faces. I parted ways with some of the guys I came with, as I had to accompany the rest of the SOTRENDY guys with a shoot that was supposed to take place earlier that day. I wasn’t too excited with the way the pictures came out as I knew my D300s was not capable of capturing anything decent with the amount of ambient light that was available.

So fast forward into the night, I came back to the hotel around 1:30 a.m. just relax with a couple bottle of beers, good company, and called it a night. Next day was show time! So my plan every time I come to shows with someone who registered their car was to attend the roll in and start shooting EARLY. Well if you actually have been reading this you would probably guess that THAT didn’t happen. I stayed in with Martin and Mike (Liberty VIP Jaguar) in the same hotel room, to my surprise when I woke up they were both gone and completely left me at the hotel. It was an honest mistake and a lack of communication as well as planning in both our parts. But that wasn’t going to stop me, even though our hotel was close by to the venue where Wekfest was held walking was definitely not an option. So long story short, I noticed a familiar looking car in the parking lot that was with our convoy from Virginia. So I called Nate and told him the situation, and the next thing I know I was on my way to Brooklyn instead of Wekfest. Nate along with a couple other guys decided it was a good idea (which was an awesome idea btw!) to get brunch instead of waiting for the show to open in the afternoon. I ended meeting new friends, devoured one of the best Huevos Rancheros I ever had, and finally arrived at the show 2 hours before it was finished. It was quite an adventure which I didn’t expect but all in all the fact that I came when the show almost ended gave me an opportunity to shoot the cars with very little foot traffic. I wish I would have shot all the shenanigans that was going on, but I hope you guys still enjoy these pictures!

show1 show2 show3 show4 show5 show6 show7 show8 show9 show10 show11 show12 show13 show14 show15 show16 show17 show18 show19 show20 show21 show22 show23 show24 show25 show26 show27 show28 show29 show30 show31 show32 show33 show34 show35 show36 show37 show38 show39 show40 show41 show42 show43 show44 show45

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