First Class Fitment – Canibeat

The top tier and most prestige showing of cars was just held this past weekend. It was the finest this Congressional side of the states has to offer. First Class Fitment is not only synonymous with the name Canibeat but it also resembles the blue chips of the automotive subculture. The controversial registration made this event that much more saucy as the guys over at Canibeat kept the tradition going in carefully selecting which cars would be showing at the event. As a result there were complaints from the possible candidates that were denied to show their cars at FCF. Hilarity ensues on Facebook with ongoing rants and whimsical memes from those who were denied with their quirky response as if to say “please let me in the show, I’ll do anything to be apart of this life-changing event.” It might not seem fair to some of those denied, but take into account that the highest of standard should always be met (it’s called FIRST CLASS for a reason); I mean imagine walking into Per Se in New York or Ku De Ta in Singapore with a t-shirt and tennis shoes on…do you really expect them to let you in? OF COURSE NOT. Overall the candidates elected could not have been better, the cars were just immaculate and genuinely clean down to the smallest nuts and bolts. Usually I would pick out things that stood out at every event to write about but it really left me speechless (in a good way) because the Canibeat crew really did an amazing job from the start to finish and the season really could not have ended in a better way.

coverstf19 f17 f21 f23 f29 f27 f25s6 f4 f5 f10 f26 s2 f12 f16 f24 f18 f20 f2 f1 s1 f14 f8 f9 f15 f13 f22 f28 f7 f6 s4 s5

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