Ever wondered what you could expect in Halloween in NYC? Our good friend, and Sotrendy contributor, Pravan was kind enough to let us share a little piece of his NYC life through his lens while he walked the streets of the big city during night of the death. We look forward to linking up in Manhattan very soon!

For one night all rules regarding how to act in public goes out the window. Inner inhibitions are all forgotten and it’s guaranteed to be a memorable night. It’s a time when the girl next door becomes a temptress and your buddy finds himself in a dress. What makes Halloween special in NYC is the ability to just talk to a random stranger about what they are wearing and just strike up a conversation. If you have never experienced Halloween in NYC, its something you have to add to your bucket list!

Some of the weirdest of the weird tend to come out to the Village for the parade up 6th Ave and although the costume of the parade participants are equally as outrageous, it’s the folks who come to watch the parade who should be in the limelight.

After work I linked up with some close friends at Scrapyard, a landmark a supply store for graffiti vandals/artist and found my buddy in a grandma costume and the other in fishnets and rain boots. Our night began with walking up 6th Ave scaring posh patrons at ritzy restos all the while posing for pictures with utterly random strangers. Here are just some of the street scenes from that night.

Photos and words by Pravan K. Follow him on Instagram @pravsternyc

Halloween_Sotrendy_001 Halloween_Sotrendy_002 Halloween_Sotrendy_003 Halloween_Sotrendy_004 Halloween_Sotrendy_005 Halloween_Sotrendy_006 Halloween_Sotrendy_007 Halloween_Sotrendy_008 Halloween_Sotrendy_009 Halloween_Sotrendy_010 Halloween_Sotrendy_011 Halloween_Sotrendy_012 Halloween_Sotrendy_013 Halloween_Sotrendy_014 Halloween_Sotrendy_015 Halloween_Sotrendy_016 Halloween_Sotrendy_017 Halloween_Sotrendy_018 Halloween_Sotrendy_019 Halloween_Sotrendy_020 Halloween_Sotrendy_021 Halloween_Sotrendy_022 Halloween_Sotrendy_023 Halloween_Sotrendy_024 Halloween_Sotrendy_025 Halloween_Sotrendy_026 Halloween_Sotrendy_027 Halloween_Sotrendy_028 Halloween_Sotrendy_029 Halloween_Sotrendy_030 Halloween_Sotrendy_031 Halloween_Sotrendy_032 Halloween_Sotrendy_033 Halloween_Sotrendy_034 Halloween_Sotrendy_035 Halloween_Sotrendy_036 Halloween_Sotrendy_037 Halloween_Sotrendy_038 Halloween_Sotrendy_039 Halloween_Sotrendy_040 Halloween_Sotrendy_041 Halloween_Sotrendy_042 Halloween_Sotrendy_043 Halloween_Sotrendy_044 Halloween_Sotrendy_045 Halloween_Sotrendy_046 Halloween_Sotrendy_047 Halloween_Sotrendy_048 Halloween_Sotrendy_049 Halloween_Sotrendy_050 Halloween_Sotrendy_051 Halloween_Sotrendy_052 Halloween_Sotrendy_053 Halloween_Sotrendy_054 Halloween_Sotrendy_055 Halloween_Sotrendy_056 Halloween_Sotrendy_057 Halloween_Sotrendy_058 Halloween_Sotrendy_059

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