While we were at First Class Fitment we pulled aside to shoot Tom’s awesome slant nose Porsche 911. This jaw dropping piece of machinery looks and sounds great in person,  not to mention it was a joy to photograph.

Though we don’t have a lot of details on the build, we appreciated meeting the man behind it all. Tom is a very laid back guy, and overall a true enthusiast for the scene.

Hope everyone enjoys the shots as much as I did.

If you’d like to follow Tom and his slant nose, find him on Instagram @JrJamesDean.

Also, remember to swing by our online shop. Our sweaters will only be for sale until November 20th – you do not want to miss out 😉

Words and photographs by Sebastian Marin @SebasMarin.

FCF13__316 copy FCF13__278 copyFCF13__270 copy FCF13__275 copy FCF13__272 copy FCF13__271 copy

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