Refinery29 | Behind the Scenes Shoot

As many of you know Photographer Sebastian Marin is one of our staffers here at #SoTrendy. He invited me out this past weekend to assist him with a fashion shoot for Refinery29. I took the opportunity to help him carry some gear and get a different perspective of the day.


Who is she? Why this is Kacey Williams, lead vocalist for a soul-garage band called Black Alley, fashonista, and to be quite honest one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Sebastian was tasked with capturing Kacey in four different outfits at four different locations. This was the first look and was shot outside of the National Portrait Gallery.


Let me tell you, Kacey came prepared to get this shoot taken care of. She had a makeup artist and her stylist with her. They made sure her looks stayed flawless and boy did they do a good job.



I tried to stay out of Sebastian’s way as much as possible. But I have been around the block once or twice before so while keeping an eye on the gear and watching for things that might disrupt his work I would snap a few images myself.

We were making progress, everything was going smoothly, and it was a pretty nice day in D.C. Kacey changed into her second look and we took a short walk to Chinatown. Here Sebastian was able to use the urban scene to help bring out the details in the black leathery gold detailed second look.



As the day went on I started to focus more on helping Sebastian carry his gear and help keep everyone positive and focused to help things move along more quickly. We were all tired and hungry. I took a few more shots here and there, but unfortunately I did not get any earth shattering images of the last two looks.


Including this one where Mr. Marin looks up at me and says “Hey Timmy take a picture of me with this trashcan.” Okay Sebastian I hope your happy with this one.


Click here to see the Published Refinery29 article.

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Click here to listen to Black Alleys music.

Thanks for viewing and if you made it down this far here is a bonus shot of a sweet Ferrari (minus the wheels) that drove by during the shoot. Scroll further down to check out some out-takes Sebastian has shared with us.


Kacey - SM - Sotrendy -9 Kacey - SM - Sotrendy -8 Kacey - SM - Sotrendy -7 Kacey - SM - Sotrendy -6 Kacey - SM - Sotrendy -5 Kacey - SM - Sotrendy -4 Kacey - SM - Sotrendy -3 Kacey - SM - Sotrendy -2 Kacey - SM - Sotrendy -1

Words & Images By Tim Grant

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