If you follow the SOTRENDY instagram feed you might have seen us posting about an event that just recently took place called The Restock. Organizers ChadWick Alexander & Leonel Corleone were kind enough to invite us to this event where the SOTRENDY team (including myself) got to experience a whole new perspective of a long living culture. To be honest with all of you, this is a culture that I know little about. I have never owned a pair of Jordans and my go to shoes are some worn out Vans that are six months over due for a replacement. I felt like I was invited to an event where only the elite of the scene would be and that I would be just brushed aside. I was wrong. The people I met and the things that I saw inspired me.

I had the chance to ask ChadWick some Q & A’s so that he could explain to you, the reader, what this event was truly about.

Q: Lets back track really quickly, what was The Restock event?
A: “The Restock is a buy, sell, trade event where vendors come and sell various items such as sneakers, clothing, art and services such as graphic design, sneaker restoration and customization, along with a list of other things. It is also a perfect marketing and networking event to get to the know whos who in the DMV. Some attend the event to showcase their collections of clothes and shoes, others come to build relationships and connect with people that share the same interest and goals. It’s like a modern day renaissance for our culture.”


Q: When was it established/how long has it been in the works?
A: “It was established September 2013. This is something that we’ve actually been wanting to do seperately for while in this area. After we got together to talk about the idea it took about three months to get everything set up and organized.”


Q: Who are the organizers of The Restock?
A: “The organizers are ChadWick Alexander & Leonel Corleone”



Q: What is the motivation to put these types of events on?
A:“It all comes down to bringing everyone together to celebrate our culture, we see events like the Dunk Xchange, sneakercon, and sneaker pimps, and we’re like “hey we can do that for our area, the culture is heavy and it would be dope”




Q: How do you think these events impact the local culture?
A: “#TheRestock as an event gives the culture a sense of unity and appreciation, It brings people of all ages together to appreciate the lifestyle. We have close relationships with alot of local brands, artists, Sneaker enthusiast, but you never get all those people under one roof. Social media creates windows for us to see whats going on. But when you can see and feel the energy first hand its amazing. People were thanking us as soon as they walked in and begging us to do more events.”



Q: When is the next event your hosting like this? Where?
A: “As of right now their are a few cities in the DMV interested in hosting the next event. We’re looking at a few dates during the spring time. You can stay connected to our instagam @TheRestock for future details.”



Q: Who/what inspires you in general?
A: “Progress, I Like seeing things grow, whether its a flower, a person, a brand, an artist, anything that gets better over time inspires me to do better and be better because anything is possible. And its great being able to help with the progression. It gives you a sense of worth and accomplishment.”



Q: What does a vendor or individual have to do to sign up to go to an event like this?
A: “Any vender or individual that wants to join the movement can just contact us at”





Words and Images By: Tim Grant #SOTRENDY

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