We’ve been talking with Drew for a while about shooting his car and filming a short clip to feature his gorgeous Audi A8L and we were finally able to wrap up the feature this past weekend. Drew’s unique A8L is definitely something you don’t see everyday. The simplicity of the car is what makes it stand out in the crowd. Drew decided to stay away from the euro-norm aka air-ride, and go with a unique set of coilovers and run a dope set of Rotiforms on his daily.




We always strive to be different, so we went with an interview + photo feature. Drew himself provides a description of his ride, plus some background info on his car love and the story of how he ended up going form a sleek 911 turbo to a luxurious A8L.

**Remember to watch the video at full HD**


The shots were taken the day I was shooting my previous Audi S5 for the Brada Wheels video I shot back in the summer [peep the video here]. I was very glad Drew came out since I needed a smooth ride to be able to shoot my S5 on the highway, something the big L definitely offers even after slamming it on coils!




Follow Drew on Instagram @HighGrade

Photography and words by Sebastian Marin

Video by Sebastian Marin & Tim Grant.

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