Do It in Style | Wekfest Los Angeles 2014 Coverage

Wekfest Cover

Wekfest is known to hold the baddest and most well executed rides from all around the United States, in Japan and around the world. The show is all about quality cars, hence it’s no wonder Wekfest’s events are one of the most anticipated events of the year. Luckily, there are multiple dates and locations scattered around the country where spectators are able to see for themselves what the most “elite” cars look like up an close and not perched on magazine covers and internet features. If you’re lucky enough, you can attend all of them. If not, you be certain that SOTRENDY has got you covered in all aspects of the events in terms of photo coverage!

Sunny California was the most recent Wekfest event held in Long Beach and we couldn’t wait to show you all what the West Coast is bringing to the game this season. Most of the worldwide known cars, spread across the Internet, can be seen here. Most owners proudly displayed their fresh looks for the season and officially kicked off the Cali summer for good.

Cars, models, sunny weather, and more cars with the some of the best fitment you can picture – JDM goodies, power mods, and everything in between can be seen here! The pure diversification of the car community from all sorts of makes and models to show and track setups can make it easy to say that Wekfest is one of the best car shows to this day.

Take a gander through the shots Ben was able to get for us; don’t forget share the images with all your friends. Click on them for a free download!

Photography by: Benjamin Garcia @bgarciaphotography

Words: Daniel Phan @dfunk8

WekfestLA_Sotrendy_000 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_001 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_002 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_003 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_004 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_005 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_006 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_007 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_008 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_009 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_010 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_011 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_012 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_013 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_014 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_015 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_016 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_017 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_018 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_019 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_020 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_021 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_022 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_023 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_024 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_025 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_026 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_027 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_028 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_029 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_030 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_031 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_032 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_033 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_034 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_035 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_036 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_037 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_038 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_039 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_040 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_041 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_042 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_043 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_044 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_045 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_046 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_047 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_048 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_049 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_050 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_051 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_052 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_053 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_054 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_055 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_056 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_057 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_058 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_059 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_060 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_061 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_062 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_063 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_064 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_065 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_066 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_067 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_068 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_069 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_070 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_071 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_072 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_073 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_074 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_075 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_076 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_077 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_078 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_079 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_080 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_081 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_082 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_083 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_084 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_085 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_086 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_087 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_088 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_089 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_090 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_091 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_092 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_093 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_094 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_095 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_096 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_097 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_098 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_099 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_100 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_101 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_102 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_103 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_104 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_105 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_106 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_107 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_108 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_109 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_110 WekfestLA_Sotrendy_111

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