It has been a busy spring / early summer for most of us here at Sotrendy. We have been spending time with our loved ones, attending weddings, going on vacation, working, etc…etc… for that reason, we have been a little M.I.A. on most of the shows and events around the DMV lately. However, thanks to Kevin Choi we’re able to post about some of the events going around locally, as well as other parts of the Country – as you’ll see on a later post.

Kevin shared with us some shots from Hyperfest, an even that most of us have attended every year for the past couple of seasons. This is a whole weekend event for many – which includes track events, drifting, drinking, camping, karting and more drinking. The best part of the event for us is the car show that happens track side and where most of the people gather to close up a fun filled weekend.

Hope you enjoy the shots and we’re looking forward to bringing you more content through the rest of the summer!

HyperFest_Sotrendy_85 HyperFest_Sotrendy_83 HyperFest_Sotrendy_82HyperFest_Sotrendy_84 HyperFest_Sotrendy_81 HyperFest_Sotrendy_80 HyperFest_Sotrendy_79 HyperFest_Sotrendy_78 HyperFest_Sotrendy_77 HyperFest_Sotrendy_76 HyperFest_Sotrendy_75 HyperFest_Sotrendy_74 HyperFest_Sotrendy_73 HyperFest_Sotrendy_72 HyperFest_Sotrendy_71 HyperFest_Sotrendy_70 HyperFest_Sotrendy_69 HyperFest_Sotrendy_68 HyperFest_Sotrendy_67 HyperFest_Sotrendy_66 HyperFest_Sotrendy_65 HyperFest_Sotrendy_64 HyperFest_Sotrendy_63 HyperFest_Sotrendy_62 HyperFest_Sotrendy_61 HyperFest_Sotrendy_60 HyperFest_Sotrendy_59 HyperFest_Sotrendy_58 HyperFest_Sotrendy_57 HyperFest_Sotrendy_56 HyperFest_Sotrendy_55 HyperFest_Sotrendy_54 HyperFest_Sotrendy_53 HyperFest_Sotrendy_52 HyperFest_Sotrendy_51 HyperFest_Sotrendy_50 HyperFest_Sotrendy_49 HyperFest_Sotrendy_48 HyperFest_Sotrendy_47 HyperFest_Sotrendy_46 HyperFest_Sotrendy_45 HyperFest_Sotrendy_44 HyperFest_Sotrendy_43 HyperFest_Sotrendy_42 HyperFest_Sotrendy_41 HyperFest_Sotrendy_40 HyperFest_Sotrendy_39 HyperFest_Sotrendy_38 HyperFest_Sotrendy_37 HyperFest_Sotrendy_36 HyperFest_Sotrendy_35 HyperFest_Sotrendy_34 HyperFest_Sotrendy_33 HyperFest_Sotrendy_32 HyperFest_Sotrendy_31 HyperFest_Sotrendy_30 HyperFest_Sotrendy_29 HyperFest_Sotrendy_28 HyperFest_Sotrendy_27 HyperFest_Sotrendy_26 HyperFest_Sotrendy_25 HyperFest_Sotrendy_24 HyperFest_Sotrendy_23 HyperFest_Sotrendy_22 HyperFest_Sotrendy_21 HyperFest_Sotrendy_20 HyperFest_Sotrendy_19 HyperFest_Sotrendy_18 HyperFest_Sotrendy_17 HyperFest_Sotrendy_16 HyperFest_Sotrendy_15 HyperFest_Sotrendy_14 HyperFest_Sotrendy_13 HyperFest_Sotrendy_12 HyperFest_Sotrendy_11 HyperFest_Sotrendy_10 HyperFest_Sotrendy_09 HyperFest_Sotrendy_08 HyperFest_Sotrendy_07 HyperFest_Sotrendy_06 HyperFest_Sotrendy_05 HyperFest_Sotrendy_04 HyperFest_Sotrendy_03 HyperFest_Sotrendy_02 HyperFest_Sotrendy_01

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