Wedding Coverage: Stan and Erika Tie the Knot!

Saturday June 14th 2014 will always be remembered as one of the best weddings that I have ever attended.  Now being the best man I might be a little biased, but when you scroll though these pictures there is no denying it.  So, where should I even begin to explain how epic this day was.  First let me hit you with some background information.  Stanley Wong, the man of the hour, is one of the original founders of the car team known as XclusivAlliance, which happens to have a strong relationship with the #SOTRENDY staff.  I personally have known Stan for sometime and think of him as a brother more than just a friend.  He was the one who introduced me to the car scene at a young age and was a major influence with my interest in photography. Okay, I know, enough about Stan and me, lets get down to the celebration. Lets start with the venue…..AH yes the venue!

THE VENUE – Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Photo Jun 21, 12 49 35 AM copy

Photo Jun 21, 12 43 20 AM copyPhoto Jun 21, 12 53 07 AM copy



After looking at a few locations Erika and Stan were still unsure about about the decision.  It wasn’t until later that Erika was given a hint to go check out  the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club across the bridge in Maryland.  Her and Stan took the trip and quickly realized this was the place they wanted to start their new journey together.  The location was simply breathtaking.  During the ceremony the Bay Bridge provided a backdrop that just made the wedding have such surreal feeling to it.  Right next door to the venue there was a small airport, which some people would be concerned about, but in surprise it complimented the scenery. Every now-and-then a vintage seaplane would do a low fly by and provide everyone with, what seemed to be, a private airshow.  Between our exclusive airshow and the amazing backdrop there were flowers everywhere and a private beach for couples to take romantic walks on.  This would probably be an appropriate time for me to thank and applause Stan’s wife Erika for her attention to detail with planing out this amazing day.  The time and energy she must have spent putting everything together was apparent in every single detail. Now lets get to the serious business, the food!

Photo Jun 21, 1 54 06 AM copy

Photo Jun 15, 9 23 53 PM copy


This food was the best wedding food I have ever eaten…period. The appetizers were, how can I say this, mouth watering.  The waiters walking these succulent treats around must have though I was a appetizer addict.  You can see in the pictures below a few of the options we were being served.  Scallops that tasted like Gordon Ramsey cooked them himself and these BLT poppers that….well I mean they have bacon on them so I don’t really need to explain.

Photo Jun 21, 2 09 32 AM copy

Photo Jun 21, 2 08 35 AM copy Photo Jun 21, 2 06 52 AM copy

After the appetizers I thought to myself, “There is no way dinner can be as tasty.” Please see pictures below….

Photo Jun 21, 2 33 50 AM copy Photo Jun 21, 2 32 57 AM copy

STOP drooling! I know, I know, just look at those plates.  I made a huge mistake and didn’t order the top plate, which was the seafood platter.  Everyone who ordered that had a huge smile on their face when it was placed in front of them.  However, the bottom plate, which was the steak, was so….whats the word I am looking for..oh yeah MOIST!  The steak was cooked perfectly and what decent human being can complain about a well cooked steak?  I will tell you who, a terrorist!  Although the food was noteworthy I guess it’s time for me to introduce to you the couple.  That is, of course, the most important part of this whole story.


All I can say is that I have never been as proud and happy for my friend Stanley as I was on that day.  Erika and Stan are in love and will cherish each other for the rest of their lives.  I was honored to be asked to share this day with them, and I am sure everyone who attended feels the exact same way.

Photo Jun 21, 1 37 30 AM copy

Photo Jun 21, 1 39 47 AM copy

Photo Jun 21, 2 26 12 AM copy

Photo Jun 21, 2 44 40 AM copy


Everyone who came out to celebrate Stan and Erika’s day I consider to be family and I know Stan would say the same.  As we grow older there are only ever a few times a year when the whole family can get together and enjoy a moment like this.

Photo Jun 21, 12 55 23 AM copy

Photo Jun 21, 2 23 38 AM copy

Photo Jun 21, 2 11 25 AM copy

Photo Jun 21, 12 54 23 AM copy

Photo Jun 21, 12 41 25 AM copy

Photo Jun 21, 2 12 42 AM copy

Photo Jun 21, 12 47 12 AM copyPhoto Jun 21, 1 55 01 AM copy

Photo Jun 21, 1 44 00 AM copy Photo Jun 21, 1 42 57 AM copy Photo Jun 21, 1 47 20 AM copy

Photo Jun 21, 2 30 50 AM copy Photo Jun 21, 1 51 31 AM copy Photo Jun 21, 2 45 48 AM copy Photo Jun 21, 2 43 12 AM copy



<p><a href=”″>Erika & Stan: Wedding Highlight Video</a> from <a href=””>Ryan Geldermann</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


Photos By: Mark Enriquez

Words By: Tim Grant




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