Elite: a select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities.  That is exactly what you would have found at Wekfest NJ 2014.  For the second year in a row Wekfest has brought the show tour to the New Jersey Expo Center and it was a weekend for the books.

The Big Apple, New York City, you know the one that never sleeps, we couldn’t be that close to NYC and not take a day trip.  It’s always great exploring the Concrete Jungle, never the same experience no matter how many times you visit.  We had the chance to shoot a few ladies while in the city, there’s more to life than cars you know!

But back to the main event and the whole purpose for the venture, Wekfest! Junior does a great job putting a show together and never disappoints, we are glad the show is here in the East to stay. I mean what other show is full within the first week that registration is open?  That don’t sleep mentality is what keeps the hype for the show.  Cars roll in from up and down the East Coast to compete to be crowned of the Elite. One of the coolest things about Wekfest is that the builds will vary from mild to wild, with cars ranging in all sorts of style of modifications.  Another aspect that kept spectators and show entrants on their toes was the judging. This go around Wekfest did not use a traditional points system so there was no telling who was going to grab an award. There were some pleasant surprises and and upsets in some of the categories, but hey shit happens.  At the end of the day we are our own competition, not the next guy.  Seek to be worth knowing, rather than to be well known.  And on that note we leave you with some lovely captures from the weekends events.

Words by Jeremey Cornitcher

Photos by Mark Enriquez


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