1970 Ford Bronco


I am sure there is a little confusion of why there is a 1970 Ford Bronco feature on our page. There is no mistake, this iconic 70’s vehicle is #SOTRENDY approved.  A few weeks ago I visited some family in Naples Florida and had the opportunity to shoot this majestic blast from the past.  My cousins husband, Steve, purchased this vehicle a few years ago and has been making small modifications every so often.  Once I told him I was coming to visit he immediately asked if we could take out the old Bronco for a quick photo session.  I don’t know many people to turn that offer down.  Let’s fast forward a bit to the day of the shoot.  Steve called and asked me to take the Bronco to get washed and waxed since he was stuck at work.  Wait…not only do you want me to shoot your car, but you are going to let me drive it around town?  Yes please!  I quickly bummed a ride over to his house where I was dropped off in front of a closed garage door.  You should have seen me typing in the pass code to his keypad.  Huge smile on my face watching every inch of the door slowly make progress to the ceiling.  Once the door opened I took a slow walk around the Bronco and just took it all in. Wow, what a piece of automotive history.



Okay so I am going to be honest with you guys.  It had been a while since I drove a stick shift and to add on to that this thing did not have power steering.  When I jumped up in the drivers seat I looked at this shifter that had R 1 2 3. “Okay Timmy you got this how hard can it be?” Let’s just say it took me a good 15 minutes for me to get out of Steve’s neighborhood.  There is definitely a learning curve when driving something like this.  Now anyone who has been on the gulf side of Florida knows that it rains every single day around 2pm for about an hour and then the summer heat comes back out with a vengeance.  I picked up the car around 12 noon so I had to make sure I got the car back into the garage before it started raining.  Once I had finally made it out of the neighborhood I was cursing, but let me tell you right now it was my own personal sauna in that thing.  The soft top had to be treated at the auto wash so that meant I had to ride with it up.  By the time I got to the auto wash I was dripping sweat.  It didn’t matter though, I couldn’t stop smiling.



Naples Florida is known for having a lot of “old money” around town, which means that during my stay there I saw a lot Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s and a few other exotic luxury vehicles.  It’s interesting though,  people around town have become desensitized to seeing these high dollar cars that they don’t even seem to glace at them when they drive by.  That was not the case with this bright yellow Bronco.  Driving back to the house, now with a better understanding of how to operate the vehicle, it was breaking necks.  Everyone seemed to be looking at this thing coming down the road.  I mean, how couldn’t you?!


Eventually I got the car back to Steve’s house before the rain and patiently waited for him to get home.  A few hours had passed and he had gotten off of work, but the rain was still coming down.  We looked at each other and both knew we had invested too much to be stopped by the rain.  So we packed up some towels and headed toward the beach.  Naples has some strict rules about taking vehicles on the beach so that option was out.  That being the case Steve and I took the “wing it” approach and just drove up and down the street that ran parallel to the beach hoping to find some sort of back alley.  After driving around for 20 minutes the rain had passed and out of the corner of my eye I caught a brick road on the side of a condominium unit that was under construction.  Steve whipped a u-turn and we slowly crept down the alley.  After squeezing past a few building materials and dumpsters we found it.  The holy grail of sunset parking spots.  Well, I mean at least that’s what it felt like.



Images & Words: Tim G.


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