Philly Auto Show 2015

The city of Philadelphia has a very interesting setting where history stands still surrounded by modern living and a very culturally diverse lifestyle.

The city becomes more alive as the Auto Show comes into the Philadelphia Convention Center every year. According to the organizers, the show set a record in attendance this year! They explained it was the highest attended weekend in the show’s history – It was crowded for sure to say the least.

A couple of Fortune Auto and Toyo Tire equipped cars from Xclusiv Alliance were invited to participate in 2 different booths. Mark Enriquez, with his stylish Octane Blue Evo X, showcased his car along with several other beautiful and rare imports at the Tuner Evolution Booth. Models were also present to sign calendars and to have their picture taken with show attendees. The booth was located at the Dub Show where they featured a bunch of highly customized cars, trucks and bikes. This place was loud and flashy.

PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_023 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_022 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_021 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_024 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_029 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_028 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_040 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_034 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_044 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_046 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_051

On the main floor, I displayed my Phantom Black Evo X alongside classy imports and domestic cars in Carlisle’s Import vs. Domestic Showcase. The display featured a wide array of rides, from classic imports to modern trucks and specialty vehicles. The floor featured many lineups from different car manufacturers – It was like walking into a car dealership that had multiple makes and models. The event featured cars from a Lexus RCF to a Lamborghini Aventador and to a GT Spec Acura. I think Jeep’s Obstacle Course was the most interesting part. Several booths had interesting gigs, like charging stations and racing simulators. I’m pretty sure everyone that attended had a blast.

PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_072 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_071 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_070 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_067 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_065 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_057 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_053 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_052 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_068 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_066 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_063

PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_059 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_058


We had the opportunity to reunite with our good friend Manny from High End Performance, our very own photographer KC, RX7 owner Ted and others who came to show support and some catching up. Since the car scene is usually slow in the winter time, this event allowed us to see familiar faces in the industry, from models to photographers and everything in between.

The show itself was very well put together and very organized. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people that gave us an opportunity to be a part of this event and those who continue to support us. The show also gave us an opportunity to explore the city and taste the local cuisine. After the show, we re-grouped at a local gas station outside of the center and took the opportunity to snap some pics, taking advantage of the mural behind us. Till next time!

PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_080 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_079 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_086

PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_082 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_084 PhillyAutoShow_MarkE_ST_081

Words: Mark Aquino
Photos: Mark Enriquez

Check out the rest of the photos below:

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