Beauty and her Beast

Photos: Kevin Choi | Words: Mark Aquino

In a car world mostly dominated by males, we seldom see female car enthusiasts. I personally have lots of respect for the women that have the passion for cars.

There’s a difference between loving a car and working on it and just driving it from point A to point B.  The former is what separates us from other people.

I had the opportunity to meet and talk to a couple of lovely ladies that appreciate the cars and the lifestyle but the best part is that they own bad ass cars.

Talon King | 2013 Mitsubishi Evolution X GSR

Follow her on Instagram: @talonk

On your previous cars:

Where to start… When I was growing up in Australia I always loved riding on the back of my dad’s motorcycle. Going fast with the wind in my face was kind of an escape, nothing to worry about but the next turn and the road in front of you. I remember him saying we would go for a quick ride and then two hours later we would pull over by the ocean for a pit stop before we turned around to head back home. When it came time for me to buy my first car I was 16, in high school and working part-time. up my down payment, got a loan and went on the hunt. I ended up buying the second car that caught my eye, it was a little red two door 1998 Proton Satria GTi. 4 cylinder 1.5L and 5 speed manual. I just had to have it. I didn’t even know how to drive stick so when we took it for a test drive I had to sit in the back while my dad took it around the block. My dad tried to teach me how to drive stick, he took me out for a couple of hours and got so frustrated with me that he took us home and told me that if I was going to buy a stick shift I better teach myself how to drive it. I started driving it to school and basically learned how to drive stick by trial and error.


You chose this platform because…

I moved from Australia to the US when I was 19. I moved here by myself. I ended up in King Farm working for a family with 3 kids. There were a couple of guys living a couple of houses down with a couple really loud Subarus. The whole neighborhood hated them but I loved seeing their cars fly by. That’s when I met Andrew and Raj, I guess you could say they had a lot to do with how I ended up with the car I have now. Raj and I have been friends for 7 years now and he has always supported me and often times pushed me a little into the car scene. He was the first person I called when I bought the Evo and he was just as ecstatic as I was about it.


What gives it the SOTRENDY factor?

I think one of the things that gives my car an IT factor is the fact that I was hands on with all of the mods, having a boyfriend who’s a mechanic is not only a money saver but it lets me get involved with all of the installs. He taught me how to do an oil change and he walked me through the intercooler installation and then let me do 90% of it myself.


Any future plans?

There’s always, always going to be future plans. Even if I knew all of them for sure, why would I spoil the surprise by sharing them.


They say that the car is a reflection of the owner. How does the car reflect your personality?

I think the car reflects my personality in a lot of ways. The build isn’t overly flashy, its simple and clean but still has some amazing aspects. The Do-Luck CF front lip is sleek and fits the car perfectly, along with the ChargeSpeed CF V2 side skirts. My favorite part of the car has to be the Rays Engineering Volk TE37s mounted on 265/35/18 Potenzas. As soon as I got the car I had my heart set on these wheels. The best worst decision I ever made was to put white wheels on my car. They should come with a lifetime supply of microfiber cloths. There’s nothing like the feeling I get when I sit in this car and hit the accelerator. I love everything about the car. I love the way I feel when I look at it and when I drive it and when I shift through the gears. I think I’m a very easy-going girl, low-key but I know how to have fun. Ask my friends and they will tell you I’m a total goof and I love making them laugh. I like the way people react when they find out that the car is mine. I think girls not only driving modified cars but getting hands on and working on their own cars and getting excited about mods etc. is something that’s still unexpected, which makes it that much better. I like being one of the girls on the car scene, and I have met some amazing girls out there representing us too.


Sindy Flores | 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX “Ryan”

Follow her on Instagram: @luvmysubie

On your previous cars:

My previous car and first car was an 06 Honda Civic SI coupe. I did full bolt-ons on that car as far as NA  goes and I got used to the power so that’s when I decided I wanted a new car and I wanted to boost. I’ve always had my inspiration from the first person who introduced me to the car scene back when HIN was around.


You chose this platform because…

Boost and AWD. I had fun with a K motor but I quickly got used to it. Before I got the subie, every time I heard turbo spool, I quickly turned, I was already drawn to it.


What gives it the SOTRENDY factor?

The “IT” factor in Ryan is simple yet clean.


Any future plans?

As far as future plans…there’s always future plans with every car never stops.


They say that the car is a reflection of the owner. How does the car reflect your personality?

I agree that a car reflects its owner. Not too loud or too flashy…I like to think that less is more.


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