STEXPLORE:Behind The Lens with StreetMeetDC

Words: Mark Aquino
Photos: Pierre Funes | Raza Khan | Asael Fuentes | Aaron Williams

We often absorb our surroundings and try to emit them to the world. It actually takes talent, timing and vision to capture the essence of a subject and present your point of view to someone else, the way you intend to. As we always say “Respect the Shooter”.

We asked a group of talented photographers from StreetMeetDC several questions pertaining to the art of photography.

“What inspires me to do photography is the fact that you can create images that the eye can’t normally see and being visually expressive through imagery and not words.” -Aaron Williams

StreetMeetDC is a group of creatives. It was founded by Pierre Funes with goals of bringing people with the same passion for photography together. Everyone is welcome.

We’d like to invite you to the next gathering:
King St. Metro Station
Alexandria, VA
Sunday – May 17th @ 3:00 PM

Check out their IG: @streetmeetdc

Pierre Funes
IG: @pierre_funes

ST: What inspires you to do photography?
PF: What inspires me to do what I’m doing is that I hope to inspire someone out there to do something creative. I never really had a camera when I was growing up other than a disposable Polaroid but I always liked using it. I just like capturing moments.


ST: When did you start?
PF: I first started doing videography with a DSLR my sister got me 2 years ago. It wasn’t until September 2014 that I started doing photography with it.


ST: Speaking of inspiring others, what would you like to tell the people who are just starting out?
PF: Anybody that has ever talked to me or know me will know that I always tell people to keep growing. Always learn, there is no such thing as knowing enough. If you keep growing and surrounding yourself with like-minded people, you will find happiness – which is why I created StreetMeetDC.


Raza Khan
IG: @_Seized
ST: What inspires you to do photography?
RK: Multiple things inspire me and I guess for me photography has always been about the ability to capture that one split second moment that captures the essence of a person, place, thing or moment and to me that is such a powerful thing. When it comes to exploring, I’ve always loved traveling and getting to those places that no ordinary person would go, capturing those shots that make people wonder “like how did he get that or how did he go there?”. I’ve always been inclined to adventuring off into places that I’m not allowed to.  I also love the creativity and endless potential that photography has. It’s a way for me to express myself.
ST: When did you start?
RK: I started off photography about two years ago. My first camera was a birthday gift and I still use it till this day. I started off shooting cars, mostly because I loved them. Taking pictures that show the creativity and work that people put into their cars. After the “car season” was over I ventured into street and urban photography and it came onto to me like second nature.
ST: What would you like to tell people who are just starting out?
RK: One thing I’ll say to those that are just starting out is that don’t stop shooting. You’ll only get better with experience.
Asael Fuentes
IG: @asael.raw
ST: What inspires you to do photography?
AF: I am inspired by the simple fact that people actually enjoy the pictures that I take. I got into photography with the purpose to find a hobby that would keep me busy and to stay out of trouble since I easily find trouble. Thank you to everyone who thoroughly enjoys my pictures; you keep me striving to improve everyday.
ST: When did you start?
AF: I started messing around with photography December 2014.

ST: What would you like to tell people who are just starting out?
AF: I only have 5 months of experience so I myself am still learning, but to anyone just getting started I would say to simply go out and shoot. Also patience is very important and if you truly enjoy photography then learning will be fun.
Instagram: @_sotrendy_

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