Offset Kings x Gridlife Part 2

Words: Mark Aquino | Photos: Mark Enriquez

Here we go for Part 2. I woke up earlier than my peers to attend the mandatory drivers meeting. Still half asleep, I got ready, made my way to the hotel lobby, contemplated about grabbing a sandwich but skipped breakfast all together. I headed out to my car and made my way to the event. Once I got there, I checked in and proceeded to attend the meeting which had already started. We were told about the rules and the track. Our group was asked to stay for our track orientation. During the classroom session, we were paired with our instructors. My instructor for the weekend was Andy, he had plenty of experience at this track and drives an evo as well. We have been communicating prior to the event so he knew a few things about my evo at that point.

On the other side of the venue,near the paddocks, was the car show. Due to the rain the day before, cars were parked in the wet grass. It wasn’t too bad as the grass dried up as the day progressed. Several local vendors were present including JDM Chicago, Touge Factory, etc. The roll-in was very organized and once everything was settled, the beats were started and the show had officially begun. The air was filled with scents of tires and race gas as the track became hot. At one point, local drift teams like Risky Devils and Team Proceed took their machines sideways as crowds flocked to watch the action.

I was able catch up with Mark and Jeremey in between my sessions, which were evenly spaced out. It was a busy scene at the paddock as drivers and teams rushed to repair or prepare for their next run.

Evos from RS Motors ranked high in the Time Attack Battle. My instructor Andy went on to win the event in his class and clocked the fastest time in the event.

Touge Factory Race Cars

Before I knew it, it was noon and it was time for lunch. The facility had its own cafeteria so we lined up and gave their sandwiches a try. I’ll have it admit, it wasn’t bad at all.

We decided to hit the show field to check out some rides.

The Hakosuka from JDMC

Christine’s super clean Datsun 280z

A Varis Widebody Subaru on Volk Racing Wheels, one of my favorite cars at the show.

Mark’s Varis/Victory Function Evo X on Rotiforms and Jeremey’s BMW 335i on AG Wheels rocking the new livery from Brandon Fugitt Designs.

Check out this showstopper. Peep the Cali plates too.

After completing my track sessions for the day, I relaxed with friends and waited for the show to wind down. When it was time for the awards, we made our way over to the Fatlace booth. They announced a new award called the “best couple award” – which was presented to 2 couples at the show. It turned out to be a planned proposal. Yes, she said yes. I thought it was pretty cool.

After the show, we headed back to the hotel, ate a lot of hibachi steak and called it a night. The next day I had to wake up early again to return to the track. I completed 2 sessions and called it a day. I had to get ready for our long trip home. I switched back to street tires and refilled my gas jugs.

We met up with our friends from JDMC for dinner and hung out with a few back at our hotel. It was time to call it a night again. Alas, the day had come for us to leave. It rained for a good portion of our drive back. As usual. I had to stop frequently to refuel. We all eventually made it home safe. I couldn’t shake off the nostalgia for a while, we had fun. This trip will definitely be another one in the books.

Till next time Chitown..

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