Import Expo:DC

Words: Mark Aquino
Photos: Thomas Million and Mark Enriquez

The DMV (that’s DC, Maryland, Virginia for you) has been lacking a decent car show for some time now. It’s about time we stepped up and this event became the perfect opportunity for it. Our friends from Import Expo cooked up a plan when we suggested hosting a show in the nation’s capital.

Import Expo is a show, organized by a group of car enthusiasts from Canada. They’ve hosted a few events in the US already. It was their first in DC. The event was held at the Walter Washington Convention Center, located in the heart of the capital. The Washington Auto Show was also held at the same venue earlier in the year. It’s actually one of the nicest locations I’ve been to.

We worked with the show’s organizers to set up our very own booth. Our display included a collaboration backdrop and we also brought in some merchandise that we sell online. Lyanne and Julie Ann, two of our lovely models graced us with their presence and took pictures with spectators and fans.

Our morning started with a cruise to the nation’s capital, with more than 20 cars deep. I was separated from the group at roll-in because I did not meet the required fuel level which was a quarter tank. After 3 trips around the block, I reached a quarter tank (first world problems) and proceeded to our designated area. After cleaning my Evo (I lied, I had help from 2 of my friends…OK, they did most of the work) we then proceeded to grab breakfast at City Tap House, a gastro-pub featuring a modern American menu with a twist. The highlight of the meal was the bottomless Bloody Mary, not only did they have a Bloody Mary bar, they also had different mixes that I’ve never seen before – some good, some bad but I’ll stick to Zing Zang. Needless to say, half of my day was made then and there. After a hearty meal, we trekked back to the convention center and waited for the event to commence.

The event’s vibe was upbeat, it was inevitable that we see familiar faces in the car community. After all, car clubs in the area work side by side to organize charity events, meets, etc. That sense of unity and respect makes our car scene rigid…and just awesome.

It was pretty late when the awards were given out. The hall echoed with applause and laughter (the MC was pretty funny). Awards were presented by a pair of elegant and beautiful ladies – Ms. Maryland and Ms. District of Columbia.

After the award ceremony, it was time to head out. It’s not everyday that we have a good number of members to participate in events but I’m proud that my crew delivered this time. We earned ourselves awards but most importantly, we took home the Best Crew Award. To some, this was the last time they would see their fellow car enthusiasts till the next event. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity so we took a group photo, one to be remembered and then proceeded to fill the hall with sweet exhaust notes and scents of gasoline with a hint of sweet-smelling ethanol.

The adventure doesn’t end here. Next, every car owner’s nightmare; the streets of DC featuring pot holes the size of Lake Michigan (Mr. Fogle reference) but we’ll get to that later.

Come see again on Oct 31 at Import Expo – this time in Atlantic City, NJ!

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