First Class Fitment 2015

Words: Mark Aquino
Photos: Mark Enriquez | Thomas Million

Canibeat is a very successful automotive related brand with origins from the East Coast. This was their 6th year hosting the show. The event was held at the Princeton Airport in New Jersey. Featuring large hangars, a runway and several parked aircrafts made the venue perfect for photoshoots. Unlike other shows, getting accepted into this event is an accomplishment by itself (sorry kids, you’ll need more than just wheels and suspension) and bringing home a hardware is something you’d want to include in your bucket list. The event is known for the presence of quality cars, “insta-famous” people, rare wheels, spotless engine bays and of course, crazy fitment.

The event also gave us the opportunity to see friends that we rarely get to see in person. We finally got to meet USDMFreax editor, Ryo Kaneta. We’ve worked with him in the past for our feature in his magazine.

We’d like to thank Canibeat for having us and for this prestigious event!

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