2015: A Year to Remember

Words: Mark Aquino | Images: Mark Enriquez, Mark Aquino, Thomas Million, Kevin Choi, STREETMEETDC


It’s that time of the year again. To many, it’s another chapter ending while awaiting the possibilities in the next one . We all love a clean slate, an opportunity to start fresh. It’s pretty exciting I must say. We often create goals, resolutions, etc. It’s a time to be excited about change and change for the good. A year ending gives you an opportunity to take a look back on the events of the past year – the hardships, obstacles, moments that took your breath away and memories that will forever be engraved within you. We take all of this and become who we are, hopefully to become a better person continuing to grow. After all, the best thing and only thing to do is move forward.

We sure did have a lot of adventures this year and we wanted to take a look back and highlight the sweet moments.

From all of us here at sotrendy, We’d like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank You for your continued support! #defendyourstyle


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