Autism Awareness Month

Words: Mark Aquino
Images: Thomas Million (@_tmill)

Autism is a general term for complex brain development disorders. Some people with this condition tend to excel in several areas such as art, math, music, etc. Signs of autism are likely noticed around 2-3 years of age. Common symptoms include intellectual disability, difficulty in motor coordination, etc. According to statistics, autism is estimated to affect 21.7 million people as of 2013.

April is Autism Awareness Month. To increase awareness in the community, Chris Turner – owner and operator of A Buff and Beyond Automotive Solutions, organized a charity event. This event included a car show, raffles, etc. This will benefit the Autism Society of Baltimore-Chesapeake.


Chris is a car enthusiast with a special talent in bringing the shine back to cars. He has worked on a variety of cars  – from exotics to the classics. As you’re reading this, he is in the works of setting up shop at APAC’s headquarters. It’s a perfect combination if you ask me.

We’d like to thank Chris for extending the invite to us and for organizing this event to benefit the community. We hope and would like to see more of these events in the area. The passion for cars paired with compassion for others is the perfect recipe for a harmonious community.





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