A Buff and Beyond: Back to Basics

Words: Mark Aquino
Images: Kevin Choi | Mark Enriquez | Mark Aquino
Video: Tahjee Wallace

As car enthusiasts, taking care of our prized possessions is a priority. I believe that every car owner should know the basics of maintaining the cleanliness of their ride. A car is a reflection of its owner. So making sure that your car is clean and well maintained says a lot about you.


We met up with Chris Turner, owner and operator of A Buff and Beyond Automotive Solutions. Chris has been in the business for a long time and has mastered his craft throughout the years. His mission is to educate your everyday car enthusiast on how to maintain their car with everyday tools and off-the-shelf products. He gave us some key pointers and tips on proper car care.


Chris operates alongside APAC (our next featured shop), making this a one stop shop for your automotive needs. Chris is an authorized dealer for a number of products including Meguiar’s, Car Pro and CQuartz.


Catch Chris at the OC Car Show from June 11-12 at the Ocean City Convention Center where he will hold a seminar and demo about proper car care. Knowledge is Power!

Watch this video:

We love the finished product. He brought the shine back to our track car by applying the proper techniques and working smarter.

Chris’ Tips for Basic Car Cleaning and Techniques:

Wash your car during cooler temperatures and/or away from the sun. This will help prevent water spots.

Use the right towel for the right job. Drying towels differ from polishing towels. Also, quality of material differs from towel to towel. Using the right towel will speed up your task.



Clean the wheels first before the body and seal it. If you wet the body first, the water and soap may dry quickly while you work on the wheels. With today’s modern wheel designs, they’re more complex with more intricate spaces. They take longer to clean because they are one of the dirtiest part of the car. Use a brush with soft bristles to clean the spokes and in between the lug nuts. Don’t forget to apply sealant to protect your wheels.

Photo May 30, 1 11 22 AM


Use the two bucket wash method. Use grit guards to remove dirt and contaminants from your wash mitt. Using the two bucket method ensures you don’t use contaminated water when washing. Dip your wash mitt in the dirty bucket first to remove the contaminants from it after wiping the car. Then dip it in the clean bucket.

Photo May 30, 1 12 36 AM.jpg

Use a foam sprayer if you have access to one. Otherwise, use a clean wash mitt and don’t forget to use the two bucket method. Wipe the horizontal panels of the car first as dirt and dust tend to settle in those areas. Wipe in one direction to avoid swirl marks. Do not put a lot of weight on the wash mitt.

Photo May 30, 1 12 55 AM

When drying, use compressed air or a leaf blower to decrease the drying time. Remember, work smarter not harder. Dry the car further by using a drying towel, once again, wipe in one direction and don’t put a lot of weight on the towel.

Photo May 30, 12 30 47 AM

Last but not the least – Preservation. Use a high quality paint sealant to protect the car. This will help shield your paint against the harsher elements.
Easy enough right? Perfect these fundamentals and you can get your car shining in your own garage.

Take a look at the finished product:




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