COTM: Badrou’s 07 Subaru WRX

Words: Mark Aquino
Images: Raj Deshmukh @mdrproductions


Not everyone understands the painful process of turning a vision into reality. It takes an enormous amount of patience, effort and sometimes, every single curse word in your dictionary. You see, not everything goes according to plan – some parts may get delayed or out of stock, your body/auto shop may have not have a free slot till 2 months out.


A similar story resonates with Badrou Hadidane. I remember him as an outgoing but laid back car enthusiast that drove a Honda Civic at the time. He’s always had the fascination for stance – the poke, the camber and of course, the ride height. His civic was exactly that. Stylish but sporty.


He wasn’t satisfied with the platform as he’s always wanted an AWD car. As it turned out, the universe was on his side. He stumbled upon a Blue 2007 Subaru WRX wagon with just 19k miles on the odometer. This platform is very popular in the AWD community. He overcame his hesitation and acquired the car. The happiness was short-lived as two days later, he was involved in an accident (wasn’t his fault). It was a heart breaking moment as he thought it was totaled. Little did he know that this was just the start to something wonderful.


It was taken to Blockstar Cars located in Springfield, VA where it underwent the repair and rebuild process. A new downpipe from Turbo XS paired with a Tomei exhaust completed the system for the car to breathe better. They were responsible for bringing the car back to life with new replacement components and a lot of hands on work to get it back to shape. Some custom suspension work was done by them as well make the wheels fit the car. The car sits as it is today thanks to their attention.


With the help of the team over at Bag Riders and Rotiform, he was able to secure a sponsorship for an Airlift Bag system and new wheels. He decided to go with the Rotiform S.I.X (nah, we can’t tell you the specs). It took 2 months before the wheels were ready. To complete the exterior, he managed to get a Voltex bumper from the land of the rising sun, that too required a few months of wait time.


Blockstar noticed that most of the panels didn’t match and some parts that were ordered came unpainted. He decided to get the car wrapped and sought advice from none other than Nick Kraft of A Plus Auto Styling. Quick history, Nick has been wrapping cars for some time now and perfected his “Kraft”. I’ve personally seen cars that came out of his shop and the results were perfect. Back on topic, he was presented with a pearl glass white vinyl to which he immediately fell in love with.


He returned to drop off the car at Nick’s shop once all the parts arrived. Zac and Nick are known for their quick turnaround time. In a matter of days, it was finally ready.


Most people give up after a moment of heartbreak and disappointment. Badrou’s story shows us that good things happen if you set a vision and a goal and you don’t give up on it. Everyone has their story and we’re proud to share Badrou’s journey. It’s never easy but it’s always worth it in the end.


What’s next for him? A little more go-fast parts.

Shout-Outs  and Gratitude:

“I want to say a huge thank you the Blockstar Cars for all the help always, Brian from Rotiform, Bagriders, Nick and Zac from A Plus and the homie Raj from Turbo Xs. Raj is an Absolute amazing dude with a clean wrx himself, which is a sleeper. Thank you for the pictures, I’ve always dreamed to have a rig shot of my car and they came out beautiful, also thank you for all the amazing turbo XS parts. Last thank you goes to Mark Aquino and Mark Enriquez for the opportunity for a feature. I always wanted my car to be featured and what better way to do so then my SoTrendy family.”

Follow him on IG: @hadidanee


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