Import Expo DC 2017

Words: Mark Aquino @bcuzevo
Images: Mark Enriquez @1llest

It was a quiet lazy Sunday afternoon in downtown DC when we drove by. The sound of throaty exhausts and engines echoed between the buildings as we trekked our way towards the convention center.

Import Expo made DC their home, hosting a car show annually. This is their third year here and enthusiasts from the surrounding areas are grateful to have an automotive gathering in the area. Car clubs such as Xclusiv Alliance, Emotion, Timeless MotorGroup High Maintenance, Kleen Edition all hailing from the surrounding areas represented well.

The event was lively, halls boisterous with music and a crowd checking out some of the DMV’s hottest cars. This year, the event included a sneaker exchange showcase. Sneaker heads were able to trade, sell and buy shoes at the show.

Let’s check out some pictures shot through Mark’s lens.

Liberty Walk M3 and GTR


Amper’s Award Winning Wild Z from Timeless MotorGroup


Jason Pham’s GT Themed Lexus from Team Emotion snagged the Best of Show and Best Engine Bay awards.


You didn’t have to walk far to find our favorite S2000s at the show. They were parked next to each other!

Tyler Donovan’s wrapped widebody S2000



Tommy’s clean S2000 sitting on Volk Racing CE28NIMG_8350

Isaac’s Amuse kitted S2000 was definitely a sight to see.IMG_8387IMG_8404

A couple of rally bred machines playing nice at the show.


Quentin’s transformation of this Z to an aggressive mean machine is just astonishing.


Some Euro love.


Who said trucks couldn’t be part of the show?


Jeremey Cornitcher’s Evo X from Xclusiv Alliance



Some of our favorite Acuras at the show sitting pretty.


Check this out.


Spencer’s cambered BRZ looking fresh with the new wheels, wrap and livery.IMG_8360

Got a pair of clean NSXs too!


This VIP themed Lexus definitely caught our eye.


Some random bits including well-known vendors such as Sumospeed and Canibeat. Merchandise from Import Expo were available as well.


Up next, we feature humans of car shows, something that we’ve started doing back in 2015. Capture and captivate everything.

Let’s start with the beautiful Hannah Sell




We’d like to thank Bret Zheng and his staff for organizing this event. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next events; Import Expo North Carolina and Import Expo Atlantic City!

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