Wekfest East 2017

Words: Mark Aquino (@dheanswer)
Images: Mark Enriquez (@1llest)

The car show season is still in it’s peak in the East Coast. Wekfest, a car show with West Coast roots returns to NJ/NY for another year of automotive gathering. This year, the show brought together some familiar faces and familiar cars. To us, the highlight of the show was Big Mike’s Prelude – hailing from the West Coast and was featured in SEMA. The build was just amazing and it sets a new standard for enthusiasts.

As usual, the show boasts quality cars and vendors alike. Ravspec was one of the biggest vendors present and brought a bunch of quality rides, some from their loyal customers.
We’ve also met up with our friends from PRIME and JDM Chicago. Familiar faces from the Maryland and Virginia were also present.

It was really great catching up with fellow car enthusiasts and movers in the industry. Wekfest has always been a key event in the East Coast, bringing the automotive scene together.

Pictures paint a thousand words so without further adieu, here are the images:


Big Mike’s Prelude

Some cars from Team Regiment Zero, including Ted’s RX7


Nick Kraft’s Rocket Bunny M3 from Maryland



Tyler Donovan’s Wrapped S2000

Love this clean Evo


VIP Styled Lexus sitting mean




Interior Game On Point


Amper’s Wild Zfinal_59final_57final_55final_51final_50final_48final_47final_46final_44final_43final_42final_41final_39final_37final_36final_35final_34final_33final_31final_28

Q’s Mean looking makeover on the Zfinal_25final_23final_21final_17final_16final_15final_14final_13

Andrey’s SCfinal_12final_11final_10final_9final_3final_2final_1

Lester’s Track Themed Acura representing Team Emotionfinal


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