Southern Charm: Import Expo NC

Words: Mark Aquino
Images: Mark Enriquez

I’ve always wanted to visit the Carolinas ever since I made a business trip to Greensboro, a few years ago.  Since then, I’ve only driven through the state on my way to Florida. So, we decided to visit Charlotte, NC for a weekend get-together with the guys. Mark and I were accompanied by our friend Khris from KUConnection. This would also be the first road trip for my M4 ever since I acquired it in August. I love going on road trips especially if I’m driving my car.


We headed out to Charlotte on a nice Saturday morning and stopped by Charlotte Speedway to take some pictures in front of the track. By this time we were already famished since we held out for a late lunch. We checked out Seoul Food, located in the South End district per our friends’ recommendation. The South is known for its BBQ and this Asian-American fusion restaurant got our taste buds satisfied. We explored the laid-back city for a little bit before heading out to the outlets for some shopping. Following the spending spree, we drove out to a little car meet at a hotel in Concord, NC. We learned about a classic car show that took place at the Charlotte Speedway. We were excited to see some classics at the hotel parking lot and took the opportunity to snap some pics. Our night ended with sipping on Crown Royal Apple in front of a fire pit to warm us on that cold night.



The next morning started with hopes and dreams of another successful culinary adventure. We drove towards the city to a popular brunch venue called Tupelo Honey. I’ve dined here before, particularly at the Arlington, VA location. I knew the food and especially their famous Bloody Mary so we decided to dine here. Unfortunately, the hour and a half wait was too long for our growling appetites so we had to come up with a Plan B. Fortunately, there was a restaurant called Famous Toastery close-by and after finding out that they served Bloody Mary, I was sold. A short drive down the street led us to a shopping center that was close to packed. The wait here wasn’t too long so we decided to wait it out. About half an hour later, we were seated. The food was delicious. We shared a plate of Nutella French Toast among other things and that left my sweet tooth completely satisfied.

We then proceeded to the heart of the city – the Charlotte Convention Center to visit one of our favorite car shows – Import Expo. This gave us the chance to check out the cars in the area. Before anything we’d like to thank Brett and the staff of Import Expo for having us and kudos to the Import Expo team for hosting a successful automotive gathering. It was good to see our friends from the industry again. We did see a lot of beautiful rides from the area. Ladies and Gentlemen, we present the pictures:


All in all, our trip was fun. Charlotte was a beautiful laid-back city and the southern folks were very nice and super friendly. We’d like to explore other cities in the Carolinas sometime and we’d like your input! Please leave a comment below. Till next time!

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